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Tanzania safari game drive in Tarangire


Expect an immersive adventure in the heart of the African bush, where you'll set up camp within or near renowned national parks like those on the Northern or Southern safari circuits. A skilled cook manages meal prep amidst limited facilities while you assist in pitching tents, with our team always ready to help. Days typically start with dawn game drives, followed by brunch and midday breaks before afternoon activities or full-day adventures. Camping safari costs vary but the budget is around US$200 per person per day.

Campsites offer basic amenities, with public sites unfenced for wildlife encounters, while private sites provide more facilities. Pros of a camping safari include cost savings and a close connection to nature, but it may not suit everyone's preferences. Mixing camping with alternative accommodations is possible, offering flexibility for diverse experiences. Explore camping safari packages in Tanzania and embark on an unforgettable adventure amidst breathtaking landscapes and diverse wildlife.

camping safari 3 days

3 Days Camping Safari

tarangire national park game drive

5 Days Camping Safari

packing for Camping Safari in Serengeti

3 Days Budget  Safari

Tanzania safari game drive in Tarangire

6 Days Camping Safari

tanzania safari

4 Days Camping Safari

camping Safari in Serengeti and ngorongoro crater

7 Days Camping Safari

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